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Current Self Storage Listings

  • Tolleson Self Storage Tolleson Self Storage
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 50,450
    9620 West Van Buren Street
    Tolleson, AZ

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Acquire a Recently-Expanded Self-Storage Facility with Significant Growth Potential Through the Continuation of Lease-Up Activity
    - Completed in Late 2017, Expansion Nearly Doubled the Facility to Meet the Market’s Surging Population Growth and Storage Demand
    - Prior to the Expansion, the Facility Maintained High Physical Occupancies Ranging from 95 to 100 Percent
    - Facility Offers Additional Streams of Revenue Through Truck Rentals and a Tenant Insurance Program
    - Strong Proforma Figures, Including a Year Two Cash-on-Cash Return of 10.8 Percent
    - High Barrier-to-Entry Market in the Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Town & Country Self Storage Town & Country Self Storage
    Call for Offers - Due Wednesday, April 25
    NRSF - 52,075
    3101 Old Sterlington Road
    Monroe, Louisiana

    Investment Highlights:
    - Fantastic Proforma Projections, Including a Year Two Capitalization Rate of 7.46 Percent with Great Years One and Two Cash-on-Cash Returns
    - Great Market Footprint in Town & Country, Located Adjacent to the Suburb's Residential Housing and its Largest Apartment Complex
    - Facility Offers Additional Streams of Revenue Through Truck Rentals and a Tenant Insurance Program
    - Renter-Occupied Housing Units Account for Over 60 Percent of All Housing in the One-Mile Radius, and 50 Percent in the Five-Mile Radius
    - Quick and Convenient Access to Major Roadways Connecting Communities Throughout the State, Including Interstate 20 and U.S. Highways 80 and 165
    - Component of North Monroe, Coveted for its Academic Excellence with Minimal Housing and Multifamily Vacancies in the Town & Country Suburb
  • Danville Storage Danville Storage
    NRSF - 58,185
    623 East Voorhees Street
    Danville, IL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Improve the Customer Service Experience by Expanding On-Site Office Hours to Assist Renters
    - Strong Market Presence Through the Facility's Branding, Allowing for Ideal Visibility on Any Platform, Including Strategic SEO
    - Pro Forma Cash-on-Cash Returns of 13.6 Percent in Year One and 13.3 Percent in Year Two
    - Over $60,000 Invested into Branding and Facility Repairs/Upgrades Since 2015
    - Great Frontage and Visibility with Danville's Residential and Multifamily Communities All Within Close Proximity
    - Quick Access to Danville's Three Major Thoroughfares, U.S. Highway 136, U.S. Highway 150 and Interstate 74
  • Pensacola Mini Storage Pensacola Mini Storage
    NRSF - 26,700
    4422 West Jackson Street
    Pensacola, FL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Raise Climate-Controlled Rental Rates to Match the Market and Enhance Management Efficiencies
    - Superb Proforma Capitalization Rate of 9.43 Percent in Year Two
    - Potential to Expand and Add Further Traditional Storage Units
    - High Ratio of Renter-Occupied Housing Units in the Vicinity
    - Surrounded by Over 20 Residential Neighborhoods in a Three-Mile Radius
    - Close Proximity to State Highway 295 and U.S. Highway 90
  • All Around Storage All Around Storage
    NRSF - 48,850
    2650 South City Lake Road
    Fayetteville, AR

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Increase Rental Rates by 15 to 20 Percent for Climate-Controlled and Non-Climate-Controlled Units, the Facility’s Rates are Currently Below the Market’s Competitors
    - Further Enhance Returns Through Implementing a Tenant Insurance Program
    - High Physical Occupancy of 90.0 Percent
    - Strong Year 2 Projected Cash-on-Cash of Return of 12.6 Percent and a Capitalization Rate of 7.97 Percent
    - Annual Growth Rate Projected to Flourish at 1.82 Percent Yearly from 2017 to 2022
    - High Ratio of Renter-Occupied Housing Comprising Over 50 Percent of the Housing Profile, Located Just Minutes Away from the University of Arkansas
  • Hoerth Storage Hoerth Storage
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 134,994
    74 Halbach Court
    Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

    Investment Highlights:
    - Excellent Growth Potential Through the Continuation of Lease-Up Activity at the Newly-Completed Expansion
    - Proforma Capitalization Rate of 8.26 Percent
    - Opportunity to Increase Cash Flow by Raising Current Occupancies
    - Cash-on-Cash Returns of 12.2 Percent in Year One and 12.8 Percent in Year Two
    - Represents the Best the Market Has to Offer in Terms of Quality, Size and Amenities at 134,994 NRSF on 12.05 Acres
    - Strategically Located Along Interstate 41 with Impeccable Visibility, and Directly Across from the City's Largest Employer, Mercury Marine
    - Recent Capital Improvements and Expansion: Asphalt Renovations, Full Interior/Exterior LED Lighting and Brand New Climate-Controlled Units
  • Port Saint Lucie Self-Storage Opportunity Port Saint Lucie Self-Storage Opportunity
    NRSF - 61,789
    Business Park Drive
    Port Saint Lucie, FL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Approved Self-Storage Development Opportunity Situated in the St. Lucie Business Park Directly Off U.S. Highway 1/Federal Highway
    - Proposed Multistory, State-of-the-Art Self-Storage Facility
    - Class A Development Projected to Yield 61,789 NRSF Among 750 Fully-Climate Controlled Units
    - Located 0.2 Miles from the Site, U.S. Highway 1 Witnesses Traffic Counts in Excess of 51,000 Vehicles Daily
    - Surrounded by Numerous Single-Family, Residential Communities
    - The Site Would Serve as the Key Storage Destination for the Large-Scale Spanish Lakes Riverfront Suburb to the West and Northwest, Providing the Quickest Access to this Community Among Many Others
  • Libertyville Self Storage Libertyville Self Storage
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 56,854
    27944 North Bradley Road
    Libertyville, IL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Newly-Converted Self-Storage Facility with State-of-the-Art Storage Amenities and New Capital Improvements
    - Significant Growth Potential Through the Continuation of Lease-Up Activity to Increase Occupancies
    - Strong, Forward-Looking Projections with Years Five and Seven Unlevered IRRs of 12.9 Percent and 11.7 Percent
    - Fantastic Access and Visibility from Interstate 94, Which Sees Over 134,500 Vehicles Daily
    - Minimal Competition Allows the Location to Operate as a Primary Storage Destination for its Community
    - Situated in the High-End Chicago Suburb of Libertyville with an Average Household Income in Excess of $151,000
  • Sebastian-Vero Beach MSA Self Storage Sebastian-Vero Beach MSA Self Storage
    Call for Offers - Due Wednesday, April 11
    NRSF - 115,151
    189 Sebastian Boulevard
    Sebastian, Florida

    Investment Highlights:
    - Acquisition Guarantees the Staple Self-Storage Facility of Sebastian, Florida, Spanning 115,151 NRSF and Generating High Traffic
    - Lease-Up Opportunity with the Newly-Completed Expansion in 2018 as Indicated in the Facility's Current Physical Occupancy of 85.5 Percent
    - Further Expansion Potential Available to Continue Meeting the Growing Local Population's Demand for Quality Self Storage
    - Sebastian Boulevard Serves as a Main Thoroughfare Throughout the City, Connecting to U.S. Highway 1 and Serving as the Exit Road from Interstate 95 Into Sebastian
    - Multiple Residential Developments in a Phase of Construction and in Close Proximity to the Subject, Showcasing the Area's Growth
    - The Sebastian-Vero Beach, Florida MSA is a Thriving Metro Area, Recognized by Sperling's BestPlaces as One of the Top Ten Emerging MSAs in the U.S.
  • Extra Closet Storage Extra Closet Storage
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 44,020
    2352 Bruner Lane
    Fort Myers, FL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Acquire a Self-Storage Destination Situated in a High-Density, High-Traffic Location
    - Substantial Proforma Returns Include a Year Two Capitalization Rate of 9.97 Percent and a Cash-on-Cash Return of 26.3 Percent
    - Years Five and Seven Leveraged IRRs of 51.1 Percent and 42.0 Percent
    - Immediate Upside Through Raising Rental Rates as Lease-Up Activity Continues, Increasing Management Efficiencies and Converting the Current Unit Style into Traditional Climate-Controlled Units
    - Closest Climate-Controlled Competitor is Situated 2.6 Miles from the Facility, Allowing the Facility to Serve as a Key Climate-Controlled Destination for the Large Population
    - Situated Directly Off Major Commercial Corridor U.S. Highway 41, Demonstrating Traffic Counts of Over 65,550 Vehicles Daily
  • The Safe Place Mini Storage The Safe Place Mini Storage
    Call for Offers - Due Thursday, April 12
    NRSF - 64,189
    617 Baker Road
    Virginia Beach, VA

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Acquire a Class A, Multistory Self-Storage Facility in a Densely-Residential Area
    - Significant Forward-Looking Projections Through Adding Tenant Insurance, Raising Rates and Continuing Lease-Up Activity
    - Strong Proforma Yields Demonstrate a Year Two Cash-on-Cash Return of 9.0 Percent and a Substantial NOI Increase of Over 43 Percent
    - Located Near the Baker Road / Newtown Road Intersection, Which Witnesses 55,000+ VPD, and is in Close Proximity Near Interstate 264 with 203,000+ VPD
    - Strategically Situated Closest in Proximity to Over Ten Multifamily Complexes With Many More Underway, Resulting in Renter-Occupied Housing Comprising Over 50 Percent of the One-Mile Radius
    - Vibrant and Growing Market Attracting Both Families and Businesses for its Nationally-Recognized Education, Job Growth, Cost of Doing Business and Quality of Life
  • Bradley Self Storage Bradley Self Storage
    NRSF - 36,300
    497 North Street
    Windsor Locks, CT

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Improve Rental Rates, Which Haven’t Been Adjusted in Years
    - Growth Potential Through Raising Occupancies and Management Efficiencies While Increasing Insurance Sales
    - Projected Proforma Capitalization Rate of 7.94 Percent and a Solid Cash-on-Cash Return of 13.6 Percent in Year Two
    - Strong Projected IRRs in Year Five of 20.4 Percent and Year Seven of 19.9 Percent
    - Closest Facility to the Surrounding Large-Scale Community, Serving as its Most Convenient Storage Destination
    - Windsor Locks Houses the Metro Area’s Most Frequented Airport and is a Component of the Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, Connecticut Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Fair-Way Self Storage Fair-Way Self Storage
    Call for Offers - Due Tuesday, April 10
    NRSF - 99,205
    985 Fairway Drive
    Walnut, California

    Investment Highlights:
    - Value-Add Opportunity to Raise Management Efficiencies, Convert Office Units to Traditional Storage and Add Stronger Facility Signage
    - Surrounding Five-Mile Radius in Excess of $104,000 with Walnut Ranking in the Top Earning Percentiles of the U.S.
    - Minimal Competition in a High-Population Area With Only 1.55 Square Feet of Self-Storage Per Capita, Beneath the U.S. Average
    - Located in the Heart of a $178.9M Roadway Project, Which Will Benefit the Site with Additional Lanes and Increased Traffic Counts
    - High Occupancies at the Facility Indicate the Need to Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Convert Business Park Components to Traditional Storage
    - Located 0.2 Miles Fro State Highway 60/Pomona Expressway, Which Witnesses Over 227,000 Vehicles Daily and Serves as a Main Connector Through the Los Angeles MSA
  • MoreSpace Mesa MoreSpace Mesa
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 57,475
    4550 East Southern Avenue
    Mesa, Arizona

    Investment Highlights:
    - Significant Growth Potential Through the Continuation of Lease-Up at the New Expansion, Completed in December 2017
    - Enhance Income Through the Implementation of an Additional Revenue Stream by Introducing a Strong Tenant Insurance Sales Program
    - Stabilization Projected in Year Two Also Indicates Increased Returns Through Raising Rates to Match the Market's Competitors
    - Solid Curbside Appeal with Superb Traffic Counts on the Southern Avenue/Greenfield Road Intersection, Yielding Over 51,300+ VPD
    - Expansion is Approved to Continue Matching the Demand for Storage as Mesa's Population Surges
    - Maricopa County Ranks as the Fastest-Growing County in the Nation, According to the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Des Moines Self-Storage C/O Opportunity Des Moines Self-Storage C/O Opportunity
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 63,065
    512 Tuttle Street
    Des Moines, Iowa

    Investment Highlights:
    - Downtown Building to be Converted to Multistory Self Storage and Acquired Upon Certificate of Occupancy
    - Conversion of the Ideally-Located Building in the Heart of Downtown Des Moines is Currently Underway
    - Less than One Mile from Landmarks 801 Grand and the Wells Fargo Arena
    - High Ratio of Renter-Occupied Housing, Renters Demonstrate a Higher Utilization of Storage
    - Immediate Area is Experiencing a Development Boom with Thousands of Residential Units Added
    - Des Moines Ranked as the Fastest-Growing Midwest City According to the 2016 U.S. Census
  • Quantico Self-Storage Land Development Quantico Self-Storage Land Development
    NRSF - 97,500
    17301 Van Buren Road
    Dumfries, VA

    Investment Highlights:
    - Rare Washington, D.C. MSA Investment Opportunity
    - Proposed Self-Storage Development Consists of Approximately 130,000 Gross Square Feet
    - Area Boasts High Self-Storage Market Rents
    - Direct Exposure to Interstate 95 with Traffic Counts in Excess of 145,000+ Vehicles Daily
    - Three-Mile Population Count of 64,318 with a Median Household Income Over $90,000 Within the Trade Area
    - Situated in a Major Retail and Hospitality Hub and Neighboring Single-Family, Residential Homes
  • Regal Self Storage Development Regal Self Storage Development
    Request for Offer
    NRSF - 82,100
    12615 Judson Road
    San Antonio, TX

    Investment Highlights:
    - Entitled Site With Approved, Class A Site Plan for 82,100 Net Rentable Square Feet
    - Only Two Existing Class A Comps in Submarket
    - Demand Analysis Accounted for New Development
    - Curb Cut and Sidewalk Variance Approved
    - New Multifamily and Single-Family Residential Development Nearby
    - Brand New IKEA Store and Retail Development within One Mile
  • Durham Self-Storage Land Development Durham Self-Storage Land Development
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 75,175
    3724 Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard
    Durham, North Carolina

    Investment Highlights:
    - Site Plan Approved, Permit-Ready Self-Storage Investment Opportunity Located Along Major Thoroughfare U.S. Highway 15-501
    - Projected 75,175 Rentable Square Feet and Fully-Climate Controlled Units
    - Housing Consists of 60.3 Percent Renter-Occupied Units in a Three-Mile Radius
    - Outstanding Highway Access and Visibility, Situated in Durham’s Major Commercial Corridor
    - Durham’s Top Two Major Employers are IBM and Duke University, Ranked Among One of the Best Universities in the World
    - Durham is a Primary Vertex of the Eight-County Research Triangle, a Region Home to Numerous High-Tech Companies and Three Universities
  • Washington Avenue Mini Storage Washington Avenue Mini Storage
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 80,875
    4619 Washington Avenue
    Evansville, Indiana

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Employ State-of-the-Art Revenue Management to Optimize Rental Growth
    - Main-on-Main Location Along the Intersection of Washington Avenue and Green River Road
    - Renter-Occupied Housing is Significantly Higher Than the National Average
    - Over $1.6M in Capital Expenses Since 2014 on Expansion and Improvements
    - Leveraged IRRs of 25.1 Percent in Year Five and 22.5 Percent in Year Seven
    - Significant Number of Commercial Developments Underway Indicate Evansville's Steady Growth
  • Central Avenue Self-Storage Development Central Avenue Self-Storage Development
    Call for Offers
    SF - 37,841
    3611 North Central Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois

    Investment Highlights:
    - Proposed Self-Storage Opportunity in a Trophy Location Boasting a Two-Mile Population of 205,368 Individuals
    - Class A, Multistory Self-Storage Facility Projected to Offer Retail on the First Floor, Offering an Additional Revenue Stream on One of Portage Park’s Commercial Thoroughfares
    - 2.6 Square Feet of Storage Per Capita in a Two-Mile Radius, Compared to the National Average of 6.9 Square Feet Per Capita
    - Located Next to a CVS on the Signalized Intersection of Addison Street and Central Avenue, Which Witnesses Over 46,700+ VPD From All Directions
    - Adjacent to a Large-Scale Residential Community in a Highly-Walkable Area
    - Portage Park is a Component of Chicago’s North Side District, Most Notable for its Affluent Demographics and Densely-Populated Suburban Area
  • Oswego Self-Storage Land Development Oswego Self-Storage Land Development
    Call for Info
    NRSF - 86,210
    1945 Wiesbrook Road
    Oswego, IL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Proposed Institutional-Quality, Multistory Self-Storage Development
    - Projected 86,210 Net Rentable Square Feet and Fully-Climate Controlled Units
    - Impeccable Visibility and Access Along U.S. Highway 30
    - Located in Proximity to Oswego’s Major Thoroughfares and Commercial Hubs
    - Average Household Income of $88,711 in a Five-Mile Radius, Exceeding the National Average
    - Part of the Chicagoland MSA, One of the Largest Metro Areas in the U.S.
  • Highland Park Development Opportunity Highland Park Development Opportunity
    NRSF - 94,525
    2860 Skokie Valley Road
    Highland Park, IL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Rare Investment Opportunity Located in One of the Nation’s Most Affluent Areas in Chicago’s North Shore Suburbs
    - Proposed Self-Storage Development Consists of Approximately 90,000 Net Rentable Square Feet and 120,000 Gross Building Area Square Feet
    - Directly Situated and Visible Along U.S. Highway 41, Which Sees Traffic Counts Surpassing 49,400 Vehicles Daily
    - Median Household Income of $130,926 in a Five-Mile Radius, Average Household Income of $191,845 in a Five-Mile Radius
    - Highland Park is in the Top Five Percent of U.S. Household Incomes
    - Part of the Chicagoland MSA, One of the Largest Metro Areas in the U.S.
  • Him Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT Him Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 90,450
    1800 Teague Road Northwest
    Hartselle, Alabama

    Investment Highlights:
    - Represents the Best of the Market in Terms of Size, Quality and Location
    - Acquisition Offers to Opportunity to Raise Climate-Controlled Rates to Match the Market
    - High Occupancies after Post-Expansion in 2017 Indicate the Need to Continue Expansion
    - Pre-Approved Site Plans to Expand and Construct Additional Units on Shovel-Ready Land
    - Excellent Projected Cash-on-Cash Returns and Leveraged IRRs, Paired with a Pro Forma Cap Rate of 7.76 Percent
    - Exceptional Location with Fantastic Visibility and Signage Along U.S. Highway 31, a Major Alabama Connector
  • Anthem Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT Anthem Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 95,258
    39998 North Gavilan Peak Parkway
    Anthem, AZ

    Investment Highlights:
    - Institutional-Quality, Class A Self-Storage Facility Expected to be Completed by the End of Q1 2018
    - Wealthy Community with an Average 3-Mile Household Income Exceeding $119,000
    - Anthem Previously Voted the U.S. #1 Master-Planned Community
    - High Barrier-to-Entry Market Due to the Anthem Council's Control of Zoning & Planning
    - Facility Situated on I-17's East Side, Where the Population is Concentrated
    - Limited Competition with Only One Climate-Controlled Competitor Within 9 Miles of the Site, Which Maintains Consistently High Occupancies
    - Majority of all HOAs in Anthem Restrict Boat/RVs from Being Parked in a Homeowner's Yard or Driveway
    - Maricopa County Topped U.S. Daily Population Growth in 2016 and is the Nation's Second Fastest-Growing County
  • Maverick Self Storage of Del Rio & Brackettville - UNDER CONTRACT Maverick Self Storage of Del Rio & Brackettville - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 47,275
    3695 Veterans Boulevard
    Del Rio, TX

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Significantly Increase Returns Through Raising Physical and Economic Occupancies
    - Substantial Levereaged IRRs in Years Five and Seven
    - Well-Maintained Facilities Which Have Recently Undergone Capital Improvements
    - Convenient Access to Multiple Major Highways and State Roads
    - Excellent Widespread Coverage of the Respective Market
    - Steady Population Growth Rate Across Each Facility Reflects the Region's Overall Strong Rate of Growth
  • iStorage of Hinesville - UNDER CONTRACT iStorage of Hinesville - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 40,672
    404 Fraser Circle
    Hinesville, GA

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Raise Rental Rates to the Market; Rates are Currently 25% Below Market
    - Growth Potential Through Converting 6,000 SF Building Included in Sale to Traditional Storage Units
    - Immediate Vicinity Experienced Local Residential and Commercial Growth with Major National Chains Expanding into the Market
    - Directly South of the Gate to the 280,000-Acre Fort Stewart Military Reservation
    - Attractive Pro Forma Capitalization Rate of Over 10% in Year Two
    - Cash-on-Cash Returns of 12.4% in Year One, 15.5% in Year Two
  • Courthouse Land - UNDER CONTRACT Courthouse Land - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 70,925 (Phase I) / 110,175 (Phases I & II)
    27 North Courthouse Road
    Richmond, VA

    Investment Highlights:
    - Proposed Institutional-Quality Self-Storage Site
    - Excellent Demographics with Average and Median Household Incomes Surpassing the National Average
    - Zoned and Approved for Self-Storage
    - Great Frontage on Virginia Highways 653 and 647
    - Traffic Counts of Over 37,000 Vehicles Daily on Courthouse Road/Highway 653 and Over 10,600 Vehicles Daily on Reams Road
    - Projected 143,060 Gross Buildable Square Feet from Phases I & II Among Three Buildings
  • Hyde Park Storage - UNDER CONTRACT Hyde Park Storage - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 10,916
    1600 West Platt Street
    Tampa, FL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Rare Opportunity to Acquire a Secure Investment in Tampa's Affluent Neighborhood of Hyde Park
    - High Barrier-to-Entry Market
    - Consistent Rental Rate Growth & Historically High Occupancies
    - Outstanding Three-Mile Population of 107,327 Individuals with an Average Household Income of $93,622, Exceeding the National Average
    - Brand New and Ongoing Capital Improvements
    - Convenient Access & Visibility Along the Selmon Expressway, Exceptional Traffic Counts of 43,500+ Vehicles Daily
  • Self Storage Centers of America - UNDER CONTRACT Self Storage Centers of America - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 79,325
    9234 Causeway Boulevard
    Tampa, FL

    Investment Highlights:
    - Opportunity to Raise Rates to Market Averages
    - Array of Amenities Offered: 24-Hour Access, Elevators and Multiple Venues to Accommodate Storage Needs
    - Tampa's Palm River-Clair Mel Suburb is the Fifth Fastest-Growing Suburb in the Nation
    - Adjacent to The Village at Crosstown, a Proposed 152-Acre Town Center with Over 3,000 Planned Multifamily Units Surrounding the Facility
    - Traffic Counts of 24,000 Vehicles Daily Along S.R. 676 with Close Proximity to Four Major Highways, Excellent Visibility from U.S. 301
    - Thriving Five-Mile Population with an Annual Growth Rate Surpassing the National Average & High Proportion of Renter-Occupied Units
  • Hemet Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT Hemet Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 77,758
    1180 North State Street
    Hemet, CA

    Investment Highlights:
    - Upside Potential to Raise Rates to Reflect Market's Averages
    - Current Physical & Economic Occupancies of 76 Percent & 60.3 Percent, Respectively
    - Situated in Close Proximity to Multiple Highways
    - Traffic Counts of 20,388+ Vehicles Daily Along Subject's Thoroughfare
    - Five-Mile Radius Population of 162,883 Individuals, Significant Population Increase of 44.78 Percent Since 2000
    - Part of the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario MSA, Component of the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Reno Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT Reno Self Storage - UNDER CONTRACT
    NRSF - 63,700
    1060 Freeport Boulevard
    Sparks, Nevada

    Investment Highlights:
    - Add-Value Components, Including Expanding to Offer Boat/RV Storage on Parcel
    - High Physical Occupancy of 96.9 Percent
    - Equipped with a Self-Service Kiosk, Reducing Management Costs
    - High Clearances & Extra Wide Aisles
    - Impressive Five-Mile Population of 220,257
    - Reno-Sparks, Nevada MSA