Simplifying Self-Storage Economics

With support from our team of experts, you have the data and insights you need to make informed decisions about self-storage investment properties. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply looking to see where your asset stands, we are your trusted source for all self-storage facility research, sales, and purchases.


Investment Sales

With expertise from our Investment Sales and Advisory Team, we offer brokerage services to both institutional and private clients across all U.S. markets.

Equity, Debt, & Structured Finance

We deliver comprehensive, creative solutions to your financing and equity structuring needs.

Appraisal & Valuation

We provide appraisal services for corporations, institutional investors, advisors, and lenders to help them get the most accurate valuation for critical equity and debt investment decisions.

Due Diligence for Acquisition

We safeguard clients’ interests by working with purchasers to discover opportunities, minimize risks, and identify the best price, while avoiding any pitfalls.

Litigation Support

Working with counsel, we assist with preparing valuation estimates for bankruptcy and specialized studies of market conditions, as well as providing expert testimony when necessary.

Market Studies

We analyze specific trade areas to gain insight into market conditions — whether the market is undersupplied, oversupplied or near equilibrium — to test the feasibility of a project.

Self-Storage Data Services (SSDS)

We use the latest industry data from SSDS — the largest and oldest self-storage database in the U.S., which is also managed, owned, and operated by the Cushman & Wakefield valuation/advisory team — to provide clients up-to-date, property-specific information.

Property Tax Services

Our Property Tax Services Group — a leader in property assessment and tax appeals — provides clients property-specific capabilities unique to the self-storage industry to help us advise our clients.

Advisory Services

Uniquely qualified to view assets or potential assets as a whole, our team is able to advise on a multitude of factors to help you make the most of your storage assets. Our advisory expertise ranges from development plans for storage facilities to the sale of these assets.

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